2022 FPT Awards

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The Freestyle Pro Tour is excited to announce the second ever FPT Awards! Coming to you on the 31st of January, the 2022 FPT Awards will celebrate the biggest achievements in our sport this year. The FPT aims to push everyone (even you!) in their riding and media production through these awards, putting out a total of €5000 in prize money in 8 different categories. Submissions are already open so make sure to send in your clips and nominations for this year edition. The Awards will also crown the 2022 European Champions, as well as announce the 2022 Duotone/Fanatic Rookie of the Year. Read the details below and remember that the clock counting down the end of the year is already ticking!

The Awards will also crown the 2022 European Champions


You can. Anyone can. The competition is open to every windsurfer as long as the submission is freestyle, a freestyler or simply stylish!


As the Awards will cover the whole of 2022 the deadline for submissions will be on the 31st of December. The Public vote for Best Move will start on the 7th of January 2023, with the Awards ceremony on the 31st of January 2023

Deadline submissions all categories: 31st of December 2022
Start of Public Vote for Best Move: 7th of January 2023
FPT Awards Show: 31st of January 2023


For the 2022 Awards we accept moves, videos and nominations from December 2021 and the whole of 2022 only. The categories for the Awards and their prize money will be as follows:

Check the exact description of each category below.

“Mogli the windsurfer” won last years FPT Awards for Best Freestyle Windsurf Edit

How to Enter

So how do you take part? It’s simple. Submit your video part, your move, your nomination or even just your inclusion as a rider within a video. If it fits the category or even more than one category then submit it for each and everyone. All we need is a link to where we can download it to include it within our final show (but that’s all in the entry form link below). Please send us the original clips in the highest quality possible! Submissions for all categories are open immediately. You may submit moves, edits or nominate riders from the entirety of 2022 or December 2021.

Please submit your moves/nominations here: efpt.net/awards 

Further explanation of the categories

Sarah-Quita Offringa won the 2021 FPT Best Move Award with a sick no handed Culo


We wish you all good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries. Remember to send the original clip in it’s highest quality possible and check out the terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions

  1. The FPT’s result will be final. We are sure there will be some really close calls between the best moments of 2022 but in the end there must be one winner. Please respect that decision and join us in celebrating the incredible achievements we will be crowning.
  2. Anybody may enter, including FPT staff, event organisers and their staff, so long as they are not within the final judging panel for the FPT Awards. The FPT stands for impartiality and shows this at every event, we stand by the unbiased opinions of our judges. 
  3. Please do not re-submit the same move in the same category, only one submission per category will be accepted. You may submit the same move across differing categories. 
  4. The FPT shall not be held liable for using and repurposing the media it has been sent for inclusion within the FPT Awards and the FPT Awards Night show and all media and PR campaigns in the build up to, and after, this time. Copyright responsibility and clearance for the usage of the footage relies on the person/s submitting that footage. 
  5. The FPT shall not be held liable for any tax or VAT claims or reimbursements on any monetary or material prizes being awarded.  The winners will have sole responsibility on tax/VAT reclaims on their winnings.