Vieste is set to make history once again!

The biggest Freestyle Pro Tour event of the year is just one month away! From the 22nd to the 26th of May, the world’s best freestyle windsurfers will travel to Vieste in Italy for the 4th edition of the FPT Vieste. Hosted by Panini di Mare, this event will be the first ever FPT event […]


Shaken not Stirred - Rafael de Windt is Back!

Rafael de Windt used to be a staple on the international windsurfing scene. The Curacao island boy with a powerful style secured himself a couple of impressive results in the past, but then faded out of the scene to pursue a medical career. He recently graduated and “the wind doctor” is back on the water! […]

#70 Knots

What's the Limit?! - Balz Muller and Yentel Caers in a crazy Fohn Storm

Balz Muller (Severne) and Yentel Caers (JP/NeilPryde) go haywire at Lake Uri in their new video Wild and Sweet. A crazy Fohn Storm hit the Swiss lake last week and the two riders were not intimidated by the 70+ knots forecasted for the day. Water wasn’t the only thing flying on the lake as we […]


FPT and Starboard plant 1000 Mangroves to offset the 2023 Freestyle Pro Tour!

In its ongoing commitment to protect the very playground that makes freestyle windsurfing possible, the Freestyle Pro Tour is excited to announce it will be planting 1000 mangroves to offset the entire 2023 season 4 times over. Together with sustainability partner Starboard, the FPT crew is working hard year-round to calculate and reduce all CO2 […]


"Now my biggest passion is Foilstyle" - Interview with Steven Van Broeckhoven

During the 2023 EFPT Geneva we caught up with 5 times European Champion Steven Van Broeckhoven (Starboard/GUNSAILS). The Belgian freestyle windsurfing legend tells us about his early days, his newly developed passion for Foilstyle and about his thoughts on the current windsurfing video landscape. Steven had a great year on tour in 2023 and looks […]