Tourcalendar 2021 Updates

May 5, 2021

Tourcalendar 2021 Updates

We’d like to share some informations with you regarding the 2021 tourcalendar. Whilst we do our best to work around the difficult situation worldwide, with restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis, there hasn’t been a way to find a solution for some upcoming events and they will have to be either postponed to a later date or a date in 2022.

EFPT Vieste

With new local restrictions being enforced in the area of Apulia, we won’t be able to run the EFPT Vieste on the scheduled dates of the 2nd – 5th June 2021. The new dates are set for the 15th – 19th of June 2021, with the final call, if it can happen at all or needs to be postponed to 2022, on the 15th of May. this short notices are only possible because a 30 days pre-event confirmation has been offered to organisers in this difficult year. If the organisation cannot get a confirmation to run it until then, we’ll sadly have to move this event to the next season.

Alex Mertens at the EFPT in Vieste 2019 (by Ema Cauli)

EFPT Costa Brava

We unfortunately have to inform you that the EFPT at the Camping Las Dunas in Sant Pere Pescador had to be cancelled for 2021. The situation in Spain is still very fragile and the organisation team around Hug Chardon Fabra and Pilar Serra Voltas don’t see a realistic chance of making it happen this summer. They particularly stated however, that they are super motivated to bring the EFPT back to the Costa Brava in 2022.

We hope to be back to the Costa Brava in 2021 (pic by Job Vermeulen)

EFPT Fuerteventura

Unfortunately, also the EFPT at Matas Blancas, Fuerteventura had to be formally cancelled for 2021 due to a lack of funding provided by the island for sport events. The organisers however remain very keen for next year. Fingers crossed to bring the European Tour back to Matas Blancas in the next competition season.

Adam Sims in Austria (photo by Alex Lang)

Adam Sims, EFPT CEO states: ‚Concerning other events, all continue to look good to go ahead. It’s still uncertain times concerning the pandemic and local and regional regulations surrounding this, Austria was a great example for what we can manage but many areas are still only just on the beginning of recovering, or only just merging into that phase now, that’s really the main reasons behind it. Nothing too new to be honest and we can only try to manage what is reasonable vs what is achievable.‘

We will keep you updated on the upcoming events with more information as soon as we have them!


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