The 2021 Tourcalendar

February 7, 2021

The 2021 Tourcalendar

A bit later than usual we can finally present to you the preliminary tour calendar for 2021. There is no denying that the past year was and even the upcoming season remains quite a challenge for our team, the event organisers and the riders. However, all that can be done at this point is putting all the best energy and motivation into the 2021 competition season, as if it was any other successful year of the EFPT.

The tours new CEO Adam Sims has picked up the tasks in the great manner that Tom Hartmann handed them over and is in constant contact with the event organisers to ensure a full and safe tour for 2021.

Please read the official statement by Adam Sims concerning 2021:

‘It’s been a lot of work the last weeks behind the scenes, our full team really going for it, obviously there is no denying these are interesting times for any sporting tour, but we continue to believe in professional sport and in particular professional windsurfing. I’m personally very excited to bring the calendar we are now presenting, together with the launch of our all new logo.

It’s a packed out calendar with some exciting new additions and returns. Of course we are really looking forward to return to our seasoned favourites, top windsurfing destinations all over Europe that have consistently provided both conditions and a wealth of local talent across all sectors of the EFPT. In addition we have Egypt on the cards, an upgrade for the tow-in at the Engadinwind and the King of the Wind is back in the UK.

Rookies & Groms

There’s even more, whilst the juniors have several tour stops, they will also have the chance, along with any other rookie, grom, newcomer to join a band of fellow freestylers, with our own EFPT Grom and Rookie Camps. These will take place for the 2-3 days preceding each event on the calendar. Run by German pro freestyler Julian Wiemar, PLUS a guest pro-coach (this could be anyone; from the oh so stylish Yarden Meir to the reigning EFPT champion Yentel Caers, we’ll announce before each event). The camps are for anyone who has just learnt their first moves right up to someone who is flying through double culos, it’s for the grom and the rookie alike. A place where you can socialize with other fresh faces to the tour and get all the tips you need to learn moves, to compete for your first time, to meet the seasoned pros as they prepare for the competition ahead and to have a go at some practice competition heats yourself.

Lennart Neubauer – dominating the junior U16 category in 2019

Changing Tides

Naturally this is a year where we look to transition back to a professional tour after one seasons break. There is no escaping the pandemic and with it we will take absolutely every precaution and more to ensure the safety of all our crew and competitors. Whilst many social activities at coming events are cancelled, the sport side will go on, we are fortunate to have such passionate event organisers working with us. With this in mind we have taken the decisions to narrow our confirmation of events to 30 days prior to the start date of that given event. This will allow both the events and the competitors the flexibility to adapt to the every changing circumstances. It gives us the best reasonable chance to allow an event to happen whilst keeping things realistic for rider and crew logistics.

Female Freestylers

The last season has been a tough one for the tour, however, the ladies have not been forgotten and we are pushing intently to not only keep the title going this year but to actually increase the ladies side of the tour. As important is our commitment to match the equal amount of time, passion, energy, dedication and so much more to the sport that the women in our sport bring, so with that we make the promise that the ladies will be receiving equal prize-money to the men. It’s a small token of what is owed, we understand, but it is a strong step into a bright, just and fair future. Our aim – ladies only events, watch this space…’

Sarah Quita Offringa


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