Best EFPT memories of Europes finest

June 5, 2020

Best EFPT memories of Europes finest

With this windsurfing season being a rather exceptional one, we found ourselves day-dreaming about better times, recapping some of the best moments on tour in the past years. Since the EFPT media team around Adam Sims started to capture insane moves, atmospheres and celebrations in 2017, over 70 daily highlight videos have been produced, uploaded and shared. It is packed with so much action and good memories, that it was hard for us to pick our favorites. So we decided to ask some of our best riders to do so. We requested their best tour memories in the past years. Whilst the EFPT Lanzarote certainly ends up on the first place for most of the competitors, some exceptional experiences were also made at the DAM-X event in Brouwersdam, the EFPT in Sardinia and the EFPT Toro Andaluz in Tarifa 2017 with nuking winds. Our top riders don’t need further introduction – here you can find out about their favorite places, events and freestyle show-downs!

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Steven Van Broeckhoven (Gunsails / Starboard)

My favourite event is Lanzarote because these conditions I enjoy the most. 

The most memorable is the last one at the Dam X, I was very close to take the victory, it was great way to finish the season!

Sardinia 2018 was also really successful as I came back from ankle injury which wasn’t fully healed but managed to win in very tricky light wind.

The EFPT at the DAM-X event 2019 has been the perfect end of our season. Watch Steven battle against Amado Vrieswijk (JP), enjoy the action of the double elimination and the perfect nightshow by Yentel Caers (Point 7) and Balz Müller:

Jacopo Testa (Point 7)

The EFPT is always a nice tour! It’s well organized and made of four or more competitions. I have lots of memorable events in my head, some for the nuclear wind like the first one I took part in in Coluccia (Sardinia), some for the results, the level of the riders and the parties.

I have to chose one event of the past three years, I have to say luckily I couldn’t compete in 2018 so it will be a little easier choice.

I choose the event in Lanzarote 2017 because it is one of the spots that I like the most to ride, the shape of the chops and waves allow you to do every kind of freestyle move or wave jump. It’s the place where you can push the level over the limits!
The event is organized by a legendary rider Anxton, his wife and a crew of friendly people! There is this beautiful atmosphere where we compete hard giving our best and then chilling all together. 

It’s also the place where I got the first EFPT victory, had to sweat and fight a lot for it: I won the first double elimination and straight after in the second single lost in the first heat, I had the feeling the hard work from before was gone in the toilet!
The day after I had the best day of competition, won 8 heats to take the event victory and I remember like it was yesterday the support of the Italian team and the other riders…

 Jacopo Testa has been a force of his own in the second double elimination at the EFPT Lanzarote 2017! Watch his comeback and his outstanding performance here:

Yentel Caers (Point 7)

For me in general the Lanzarote event is the best one on tour! For the conditions and also the super organisation. I managed to win it two times, but last year was the best as I made my first European title. So the day of the double elimination I will never forget!! And this video aswell!

Davy Scheffers

My favorite events last three years been probably the events at home spot.
I also like the event on Lanzarote very much. Surely the most memorable was the Dam-X event, in 2018 when I won it! It was one of my greatest successes up to date. 

It was so cool to win in front of the home crowd and show them what is windsurfing in Brouwersdam all about. When so many people gather for a windsurfing event it makes the sport feel alive and the spirit together becomes very strong. 

For years many pros and big legends came to our lake to represent the brands and the professional sport. 
Bringing a pro event to our home spot and having a couple of local rider kicking ass in the freestyle discipline is absolutely awesome! 

Davy Scheffers taking event victory at his homespot:

Adrien Bosson (Duotone / Fanatic)

The most successful EFPT event I had was in Tarifa 2017, this is the only one I won actually! 🙂

But the most memorable must be Lanzarote the last two years, always fighting hard against Yentel for the first place. I didn’t make it but this is maybe why it is so exciting and memorable!

I finished three times second place at this event if I’m right and I hope I can win it one day. The conditions are so good, the crew and the vibes are the best for me!

The Levante was howling, riders were flying on their smallest gear, the moves were big – so were the crashes. Watch some impressions of the Toro Andaluz in Tarifa 2017, where Adrien Bosson took event victory.


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