What's up Dr. Rümenapp?

May 8, 2020

What's up Dr. Rümenapp?

Johanna Rümenapp (Gunsails) is one of the best female freestyle windsurfers worldwide. The 25 years old German is a tough competitor with a big move repertoire and an endless motivation to improve. Whilst making a name for herself in the freestyle windsurfing world in the last couple of years, she also studied to become a doctor – as you do. Learn more about the title of the movie of her life, how a broomstick can help you get through windsurfing withdrawal and much more. What’s up Dr.Rümenapp?

EFPT: Johanna, you recently graduated from medicine school and now work as a doctor! How did you manage to finish your studies in time AND improve your windsurfing year by year? Please help us out!

I also don’t know how this happened to me! The first years I surfed all day long, worked in the evening and studied at night. I guess the winter saved my ass, because then it’s sometimes too cold to go on the water and starts to get dark early.

Johanna working on new tricks (by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: Where are your favorite spots in Germany and abroad and why are they on your top list?

We have some great spots right around the corner of Kiel. At the moment I enjoy these spontaneous afterwork sundowner sessions in Lindhöft a lot. And in general, I really love strong winds. So for sure one of my favorite spots in Europe is Leucate in South France, where you can be sure to get blown away by the wind. And of course, Jericoacoara in Brasil is also one of my favorite places. Last but not least for the best Caipirinhas on earth!

EFPT: Best setup: Best Board / Favorite Sail

Gunsails YEAH 4,4 m2 and the I-99 Style Pro 92l with the Maui Utra Fin Style Pro 19.

Johanna Rümenapp freestyling in South Africa (shot by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: What are your best moves?

I love to do the shaka because it feels like flying! Well and I am super proud of landing my first skopus lately!

EFPT: You came back from your winter-training trip to South Africa and pretty much straight away dived into a COVID-19 struck Europe. What were your thoughts as a windsurfer and as a doctor?

When all you have to think about is the wave and wind forecast for the next days, it seems to be miles away, that there could come up a serious world crisis. In the beginning, when we heard about crazy Germans, buying enough toilet papers to build a house of it, we were joking about staying in South Africa, where life seemed to be so easy yet and where nobody was talking about Corona for that time… Well, that was the windsurfer’s view.

In the end we were quite happy to catch one of the last regular flights home.

Johanna enjoying SA before heading back to a COVID-19 struck Europe (by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: What would you prescribe a windsurfer patient who is now stuck at home and suffers withdrawal?

I guess most of the windsurfers never have been more fit than in Corona times, because everybody is doing fitness workouts all day long! For some variety I often train new moves with the broomstick at home… No joke…

EFPT: Can you think of a movie title that best explains your life right now?

Alice in Coronaland.

Dr. Rümenapp starring in ‘Alice in Coronaland’

EFPT: Tell me one good thing you are really proud of

As a child, when I was still scared to plane in the straps, a surf teacher told me, that as a girl it’s good enough to windsurf without straps. The next session I stepped into the straps right away to show him that I can learn it.


EFPT: If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Are there windsurfers on other planets?

EFPT: Apart from windsurfing – where lie your biggest talents?

Besides windsurfing I love to sing. Sometimes both at the same time…

EFPT: Tell us something we don’t know.

Drinking desinfection is not healthy!


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