Who did it best? A winter in South Africa.

April 27, 2020

Who did it best? A winter in South Africa.

For many pros, the latest training destination has been South Africa and numerous clips have been released, some of them during the lockdown period. The Cape-region delivers some of the best windsurfing conditions around in the globe, especially in the time between December and March. Apart from freestyling at the most popular lakes Rietvlei, Brandvlei and Zandvlei, the boys also take their freestyle skills into the countless wavespots.

With the time in confinement in Europe slowly creeping up to eight weeks and with many countries also restricting the access to the beaches, there hasn’t been much new content of our European freestyle riders.

We decided to collect all of the clips up for you, to give you a direct comparison of our top riders freestyling in South Africa. Shifties, double air culos, double power moves, backies and bongkas should be on every EFPT title contenders move-repertoire by the looks of it. Some INSANE action. Let us know who you think did it best? If there was a contest going on at the South African waters, who do you think would have won it?

Yentel Caers
Youtube Channel Yentel Caers

2019 European Champion Yentel Caers (Point 7) released two short clips of him freestyling at Rietvlei and Brandvlei:


Amado Vrieswijk
Youtube Channel: Amado Vrieswijk

The 24 years old talent from Bonaire won the EFPT title in 2015 and has been a Worldtour title contender ever since. The JP/Severne rider has certainly one of the most powerful sailors on tour and loves to take his freestyle skills into the waves. Molo Capetown.


Francesco Cappuzzo
Youtube Channel: Francesco Cappuzzo

Francesco Cappuzzo, the 23 years old waterman from Sicily, is not only a top windsurfer but also a competitor on the Global Kitesports Association Tour (GKA). Don’t worry however, this video only provides pure windsurfing action PLUS some airport shots in case some of you start to miss travelling!

Adrien Bosson
Youtube Channel: Adrien Bosson

The Duotone/Fanatic rider from France has been a title contender on the EFPT and PWA for several years now. Bosson shows dedication and determination in his training and absolute fierceness and consistency in competition.

Jacopo Testa
Youtube Channel: Jacopo Testa

Jacopo Testa (Point 7) has been a RRD rider for as long as we can remember. The Italian claimed the EFPT tour title in 2017 and also the third overall podium position of the PWA in the same year. This is the first clip on his new gear, the Point 7 sails and AV Boards. Looks like Jacopo Testa will be coming in hot again as soon as we can start the competition season.


Giovanni Passani

The South Africa clip of the Italian is short and purely action-packed. Passani is certainly one of the most stylish freestylers on tour and has been hunting the title for some seasons now. He is a regular on the EFPT podiums and skillful in all kinds of conditions.


Adam Sims / Julian Wiemar / Dudu Levi produced by Mothy Media
Youtube Channel: Mothy Media
Youtube Channel: Adam Sims

Whilst Dudu Levi (Gunsails/Starboard) got famous with his ‚I just wanna be like Yentel‘ – part in Mothy Medias movie ‚Aircamp‘, you also cannot deny the skills and action coming from the other riders starring in the video: Adam Sims (Sailloft/Patrik) and Julian Wiemar (Severne/Starboard). Don’t forget the first rule: talk about Aircamp ALL THE TIME.


Dudu Levi:
Youtube Channel: Dudu Levi

The Israelian Gunsails/Starboard rider has been continuiously stepping up his level and style since he hit the tour first in 2018 and also delivered a short clip from South Africa.


Coverpic & Header by Billy Short.


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