Meet the team: Davide Zilli

February 5, 2019

Meet the team: Davide Zilli

Time to introduce another member of the EFPT team. Davide Zilli just returned from his trip to South Africa. Living the absolute dream of every windsurfer Davide lives at one of the best spots of the world and is lucky enough to travel to other amazing destinations in his free time. This team-member combines pure passion for the sport, great windsurfing skills and organisational talent that is second to none.

Age 39

Nationality Italian

Homebase Fuerteventura Sotavento since 15 years

Nickname Dado

Special Skills
A unique  positive guy, good business man and  awesome windsurfing teacher

Famous for
To be always everywhere, flexible and a good professional worker, always involved in a lot of projects around the windsurfing world

From 0 to hero with Davide Zilli at the Pro Wind Fuerteventura

Connection to Freestyle Windsurfing
My home base is one of the best place on the planet to pratice freestyle 

How did you become a team member?
I was already judging competition and a good friend asked me to judge in Lanzarote due at my long experience in this scene. In that year I was lucky to start with the EFPT and PWA and almost dird all the events in freestyle – since then never stopped!

Eyes on the target. Davide judging at the DAM-X 2018

Role in the Team
Judge and organizer of the EFPT event in Matas Bay, Fuerteventura

Describe your job in 3 words
Not for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Davide and Victor – organisers of the EFPT Matas Blancas

Favorite EFPT Event
They are all nice! They all have a magic atmosphere, I love all of them!

Favorite Windsurfingspot
Haakgat, South Africa.

Davide enjoying South Africa

Personal Best Trick
Back loop

What other team-members say about Davide:

‘Dado…What can I say. Is there anyone you can rely on more, truly awesome guy to spend time with at events and stoked this guy also took it upon himself to run one. Can’t wait to see how that develops over the years. On top of that probably one of only two guys I’ve ever seen sending double forward attempts at Risco. Sender!!! Also makes great pasta, is 5ft10 with a beard any ‘Lord of the Rings’ star would be proud of!’ (Adam Sims)

Best Tour Memory
All the events are giving to me a lot, but spending time windsurfing with the crew is definitely the best part (when we are lucky and we have time)!

Personal Competition Experience
I never compete. I never had much time to train so hard like the pros! I always had to work and competing was never my priority, so I better not compete!

Other Projects
There is one coming up soon but I cannot say what is it yet! It is about the windsurfing world, but I cannot tell you more at the moment!

Always with a smile.

Other Sports
In the moment training in the gym, surfing and spinning. I am always doing other sports to keep my body fit and ready, if there is no wind!

Best thing about the EFPT
There is no better place to work! The crew feels like part of your family and you can talk all the day long only about our beautiful sport!

Worst thing about the EFPT
There is nothing!!!!!!!

What’s in your Coffee?
Nothing! I am Italian! I love pure espresso! Also no sugar – I already have enough of sweetness from my family!

Tell us something we don’t know
Until I was 19 years old I was a professional football player and then I had to stop due a problem. I started travelling and learned windsurfing and from the first time onward I was completely addicted to it!


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