EFPT Tow-in Champion 2018

November 14, 2018

EFPT Tow-in Champion 2018

When the tow-in discipline started to develop about eight years ago, nobody was aware of how much it would grow and how big its importance for events would become. Year by year the level has been rising, we have seen new tricks at higher speed, sometimes even with kickers – be it waves created by boats or actual costumized windsurfing ramps. The riders now get towed in by jetskis, boats and specialized winches in flat water or waves, with zero wind or shifting breezes – factors that all need to be adjusted to. With four official results to count in 2018, only the sailors who were able to perform in varying conditions, could make it to the top positions.

After winning the tow-in tour in 2015, it is once again Patrik/Sailloft rider from the UK, Adam Sims, who takes the title home. Sims perfomed his way up to the podium event by event, showing great consistancy and style. The UK sailor is known to go ‚all in‘, charging for double spocks, spock-culos or double culos. By now, the Brit masters these risky combinations that have left specators and fellow competitors wowed each and every time.

Adam Sims at the Mondial du Vent (by Pierre Bouras)

Taking second place in the overall ranking this year, has been fellow Patrik team-rider Mattia Fabrizi from Italy. The young Italian won the tow-in in Neusiedl am See in the beginning of this year and made it to the finals at several other tour-stops.

Mattia Fabrizi in Neusiedl am See (by Martin Reiter)

Third place goes to New Caledonia. Antoine Albert (Goya/Goya) has always been a keen and strong competitor in this discipline. After becoming second overall in 2015 and third overall in 2016, he once again managed to step up onto the podium.

Antoine Albert at the Engadinwind (by Emanuela Cauli)

The tow-in competition at the DAM-X this year, didn’t count into the ranking, however it was the event that made it obvious how advanced this discpline had become. The moves ranged from air funnel – burner, to skopu into funnel, double culo, air bob into culo, air bob into air bob, double air culos and even a regular kono attempt and the judging decisions were as close as never before. Adam Sims could also take victory in this expression session, with a flawless and stylish double culo. We talked to the Patrik/Sailloft rider about his second tow-in title, what it will take to win in the upcoming years and about his dream event.

EFPT: How does it feel to win the title for the second time?

Adam Sims: Actually reading that question is the first time I realised that it’s a pretty cool achievement. You know I’m so tied up and focused on the windsurfing side and video production that I don’t even take the time to reflect on results like this. So, yeah the long and short I am stoked and to have a few podiums in one year is something I’m really proud of. 

Flying over the kicker at lake Silvaplana (by Emanuela Cauli)

EFPT: Did you have a favorite tow-in event this year? Why was it you favorite?

Adam Sims: To be honest, each and every event was awesome, I loved watching the guys fly off the kicker in Leucate, I wish I’d put the camera down and gone for a couple runs myself, fingers crossed that opportunity comes around again.

What really makes an event my favourite in terms of the tow-in side is actually how I ended up coming away with the win. In the past if things hadn’t gone my way, the psychology of that really affected me and I knew it just wasn’t going to go my way for the final run/few minutes of a heat. This year, something changed, now I like the pressure, I like that it all hangs on that last run or few minutes of a heat, because it means so much more when the odds are stacked against you and you not only perform well but you win. So the best events were for sure Costa Brava and Brouwersdam, of course Leucate was also sick, sticking my best move on the first run took the pressure off.

Sims taking vicotry at the tow-in in Costa Brava

EFPT: What do you think about the discipline and what do you think will it take you to defend your title next year?

Adam Sims: It’s bringing me a lot of excitement and adrenaline at events, results as well. I’m into it, I think it’s fun, it’s exciting and I’d say now we need to look at ways to step it up even more. It’s fun with the boat wave or a kicker but I’m sure we can do more so that it doesn’t get a bit same same on the years. I’ve got a couple ideas, I’m working on one of them, lets’ see. 

Sims in Neusiedl (by Hadamik)

Well, good question, in the end we only have two/three attempts at moves, so you kinda have to go all in. I had an idea of one move to try, but it kinda goes against everything that feels natural, especially now my spine is fused together… ha! I will give it a try when I get an opportunity, and I’d quite like to get that double air culo, what Tonky Frans does with that move is deserving of the tow-in title as it is, flying through it off the flat. I mean that’s crazy and he’s even landing it sometimes, but always that run before or after the competition, come on Tonkyyy 😉

EFPT: What is your dream tow-in event?

Adam Sims: Jeez, I’m not sure, I never thought about this. I’d like to go higher, bigger moves, we are a bit confined to flat water as we only ever really do tow-in at flat water spots when there is no wind (makes sense and is of course fun and great in its own way) but more stuff with the wave/kicker. Maybe go to some mad locations, city spots, get a grand stand with crowds. Now you got me day-dreaming and it’s windy outside. I’m outta here, thanks for the interview.

Claiming victories all over Europea (by Pierre Bouras)


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