Debuts at the DAM-X 2018

September 28, 2018

Debuts at the DAM-X 2018

Even the greatest of seasons have to come to an end eventually and we like to end ours at the DAM-X. The Zeil- and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam has been hosting the finale of the EFPT and the last international freestyle event of the season for many years now. Apart from the flawless organisation and a world-famous spot, the riders who are attending the competition year by year, make this tour-stop as special as it is. Whilst top freestylers like Adrien Bosson (Duotone/Fanatic), Steven Van Broeckhoven (Gunsails/JP), Tonky Frans (RRD/RRD) and many more will join the show, we are always delighted to meet new faces there. The past couple of years proved, that there seems to be no better place for this. For that reason we decided to present you some of the EFPT rookies, who will have their international debut at DAM-X 2018 and would like to make a little shout-out to all the freestylers out there: join us! We’ll be happy to meet you at our events!

EFPT debuts DAM-X 2018

Sebastian Gux

Nationality: German
Age: 20
Homespot: Kinzigsee (Germany),   Hindeloopen (Netherlands)
Windsurfing since: 2005 (age of seven) 
Freestyling since: 2010
Words to live by: One Life. Surf it!
Best trick: Double Spock
Favorite freestyler: Gollito Estredo, Davy Scheffers
Favorite person to sail with: Maximilian Müller
Favorite spot: Paradise Bay (Karpathos)
Motivation: to have a perfect session or to learn a new move
Best result in competition: first event 
Expectations for DAM-X: to win one heat

Sebastian Gux from Germany

Sorokin Aleksandr

Nationality: Russian 
Age: 26
Home spot: Dahab Egypt
Windsurfing since: first time I try windsurf 8 years ago but start do it regular 6 years ago 
Freestyle since: I start with freestyle 4 years ago and 3 years ago I did my first air jibe 
Best trick: I think double Spock
Favorite freestyler: Amado Vrieswijk and Yentel Caers
Favorite person to sail with: I like sailing with good riders this motivate to push yourself! It was real fun to sail with Francesco Cappuzzo this year!
Favorite spot: Dahab but I want to try Fuerte
Motivation: the nice feeling when you sailing better and better every month
Best result in competition: this is my first time in the EFPT, until now I only joined the local Egyptian competition (winderland windsurf challenge ) and finished in 4th place.
Expectations for DAM-X: this is the perfect experience for me! I want to try serious competition and sailing with the best riders! I will also have my birthday in the last day of event, so I want it to be a lot of fun

Aleksandr Sorokin freestyling at his homespot

Wieczorek Michael

Nationality: German
Age: 24
Homespot: Lake Garda
Windsurfing since: started when I was 5 years old
Freestyling since: when I was around 13 years old I guess
Words to live by: everything happens for a reason
Best trick: Airbob, maybe not the best trick but the favourite one
Favorite freestyler: Davy Scheffers
Favorite person to sail with: I love to sail completely alone, it’s a way to find yourself. But if my girlfriend or my mother joins it’s also ok!
Favorite spot: Karpathos and Lake Garda
Motivation: windsurfing itself, you don’t need something that motivates you to windsurf
Best result in competition: 3rd place Italian Champioship at Lake Garda in 2018
Expectations for DAM-X: having fun, meeting nice people and show a good performance

Meiky Wieczorek going into a shove-it spock

Oldenburg Leander

Nationality: German
Age: 16
Homespot: Nieblum/Föhr
Windsurfing since: 2010
Freestyling since: 2013
Words to live by: Never look back 
Best trick: Skopu
Favorite freestyler: Mathias Genkel 
Favorite person to sail with: All my Friends 
Favorite spot: Wattenmeer, Risco del Paso 
Motivation: To improve myself, learning new moves 
Best result in competition: 5th place in the German Freestyle Battle/Sylt 
Expectations for DAM-X: Having fun and meeting new people.


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