EFPT Costa Brava - September 2018

May 17, 2018

EFPT Costa Brava - September 2018

Costa Brava, the ‚wild coast‘, stretches its beaches all the way from the French border towards Blane, a town located approximately 60 km north-east from Barcelona. The beautiful landscapes and a mild mediterreanean climate turned Costa Brava into a famous tourist destination for people who want to enjoy the stunning nature, amongst them many windsurfers. The bay of roses delivers windy conditions the whole year through and provides a perfect playground for every discipline. What has been a wish for several years now for the organisers and the EFPT crew will become reality from the 5th – 9th of September 2018: the windsurfing center ‚Fase Wind‘ and the local Camping ‚Las Dunas‘ will bring the EFPT to Costa Brava and will stage one of the three events with 15.000 € prize-money this season. We spoke to the manager of ‚Fase Wind‘ to find out more. 

Windy days at Costa Brava

EFPT: Where exactely will the event be staged?

Hug Chardon: The event will be staged in Camping Las Dunas, in Sant Pere Pescador, Costa Brava, Spain. The competition will be located at Fase Wind, the nautic center in Las Dunas.

EFPT: What is special about this place?

Hug Chardon: Sant Pere is in the bay of Roses and it’s surrounded by Fluvià river and the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park, a magical place with all kinds of activities: sports, art, gastronomy and a lot more.

Beautiful beach of the event location

EFPT: Who are the organisers?

Hug Chardon: Camping Las Dunas and Fase Wind are the organisers. Las Dunas is one of the most famous campsites in Europe for decades, with many international awards and decorations endorsing the quality of their installations. Fase Wind is the local watersports brand, focused on windsurfing, SUP and all kind of watersport activities.  

EFPT: Why do you want to organize an EFPT event?

Hug Chardon: Fase Wind is focused on windsurfing and many of the campsite visitors are windsurfers, so together we want to promote the spot, the sport and of course Costa Brava as the place to be.

Action in front of Fase Wind

EFPT: What are your plans for 2019 concerning the EFPT?

Hug Chardon: We look forward to have an event for many years, so we hope to grow it up year by year, turning it on a fixed event on the EFPT calendar. 

The Fase Wind team is ready for the EFPT


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