EFPT Lanzarote - The official event video

July 24, 2014

EFPT Lanzarote - The official event video

Just a bit more than ten days after the EFPT Lanzarote at Costa Teguise we take a look back and present you the official event video by Aliseo Solutions. We also took the time to catch up one more time with Antxon Otaegui who was the main organiser and is the owner of the Pro Center Antxon Otaegui. Not only this stage of the EFPT was organized with a lot of dedication and effort, but also the video is something else- be prepared to watch some serious freestyle and tow-in action and amazing footage of the island and the site. If you ever plan to go to the Canary Islands make sure to pass by at the Pro Center of Antxon and meet some amazing people at an incredible windsurfing spot. We are all already looking forward to return in 2015!


EFPT: The ‘Pro Center Antxon Otaegui’ represented the organisation of the EFPT Lanzarote. With you being the owner, most of the work before and during the event has been done by you. Can you tell us a bit about this experience?

Antxon: It was a good experience in general terms. I never thought it was so much work to organize an event but it was something we wanted to do and we finally did it. I must say this event would have never happened if I did not have the help of my wife Mar, she was the one who dealer with all the permissions from the government, payments, logistic, etc. She was the person who put the most effort into this event thats why I sincerely want to thank her.


EFPT: Having a small child of 18 months and a second one coming, a windsurfing pro center and organizing this event for the first time you were a very busy man – how did you manage this all?

Antxon: As I said it was not easy, lots of things to do with the event, our windsurf center and the kid but everything is possible if you really want it. My parents were taking good care of the kid when me and my wife were busy so thanks to them as well.

EFPT: We asked you end of May in the last interview how it feels to be now not one of the riders anymore but see everything ‘from the other side’ and you couldn’t quite imagine how it would be. What can you tell us now?

Antxon: It is completely different seeing an event as the organizer. I wanted things to be perfect and I was running around the whole event. I was trying to push  the riders to go in the water to see if the conditions were good enough for competing and so on. But on the other hand I was also a competitor before and I know what competing on marginal conditions mean that’s why I didn’t want to push the guys or the EFPT crew too far.


EFPT: Unfortunately there was not enough wind during the four days of competition, yet we could run a tow-in contest. How did you like this solution?

Antxon: In the past riders used to go to promotional events where the wind was very light and they could not do any show for the spectators, thats how the freestyle got invented. The guys like Jason, Josh and many more where doing moves in front of the crowds and the organizers where happy about it. Same thing is happening with the tow-in these days. I believe it is the perfect combination for an outdoor event: no wind, sunshine, people are comfortable on the beach watching the best riders in the world doing moves 5 meters from them and everyone is happy.

EFPT: The day before the event Costa Teguise delivered perfect conditions with mast high waves and strong wind. Did you have a chance to watch the competitors training? Who was impressing you the most?

Antxon:Yes, the conditions where great the day before the contest and I didn’t have much time to see the guys but I saw some amazing Paskos from Steven and Tonky on the reef with almost mast high waves that where just incredibly high.

EFPT: It is hard to believe that this event was happening for the first time, as the set-up and program was great and the team worked together really well. Also the representatives of the main sponsor proclaimed their interest in supporting it again in 2015. What are your thoughts on it?

Antxon: We tried to do our best. There were a lot of things that we would  change for next year but as you said- for being the first time we ran the contest here we are proud and happy about how it came out. Next year we would love to organize it as well, everyone from the government and from the other sponsors seem to be very motivated to do it again, so we will see!


EFPT: Is there anything you want to add?

Antxon: Just say thanks again to my beautiful wife, all the people that were involved on the event and of course to the Ayuntamiento de Teguise, Cabildo de Lanzarote, Sands Beach Resort for making everything much easier for us and as well thanks to Mapfre.

Enjoy the event video!

EFPT 2014 Lanzarote from gian luca mensi on Vimeo.


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